Let it be known that I write this not out of love, obligation, or to warn. I write it because I must. I write it because I have no choice, for there is no such thing as choice. It matters not if it is read or heeded. The inevitable cannot be denied. Dare not call it Fate, for the realm which I speak from is beyond Fate.

From the birth I have watched civilizations rise and fall, plagues consume whole nations, murderous men rip infants from mother’s arms, cities razed and livestock slaughtered, the wonders of the Enlightenment, the genocide of native peoples, the industriousness of modernity, the mustard gas that suffocated soldiers, people sent to furnaces, the exploitation of man by man…be it in war or in industry, under the guise of religion or nationalism. I have stood and watched. My eyes are absent and my body is absolute. Not a prophet, not a savior, not a scribe, I am merely an Observer, nothingness embodied. I have seen the extinction of mankind, of the planet, of the universe, of time and death itself.

Man once worshiped a thousand Gods. The raw elements and forces of nature that daily threatened man was crafted into deities to be honored. This was not a mere projection or metaphor. The God was synonymous and inseparable from the force of nature. The two were one and the same. The Gods were tangible and as real to man as fire that burns flesh. The wholeness of existence affirmed, accepted, the fertile as much as the destructive. The role of war was not only sacred, it was the embodiment of War itself, an immanent manifestation. The tragedies in nature were neither neglected nor condemned, they were praised even in sorrow. To die on the field defending ones own was the most heroic way to die, the ultimate declaration of existence. Primordial wisdom was implicit in the heroic warrior. The All-Father was the embodiment of wisdom as well as the embodiment of savage nature.

What was later called witchcraft and sorcery was the melding of man as nature. The blood moon, the maggot filled carcass, the pain in giving birth, the joy of love making, the passions inciting murder as well as devotion, the flesh itself quivering in the heat, the gnarled roots indifferent, wisdom indistinguishable from savage nature…this is witchcraft, sorcery, and other names it has been given. It is the communion of man with the forces of nature, alternatively the deific names recorded in lore. It is bestial and without ethos, it is raw force in and of itself.

The mythology of Cain and Abel, Lilith and Eve, cannot go unmentioned. Be it true or fiction matters not. The power a myth carries is in its sigilic language, a formula for inner metaphysical change. Such is the murder of Abel by Cain, for Cain is the embodiment of Fire and Awareness, Abel that of Clay and obedient before a tyrannical Demiurge. So too, like Cain, is the man whom has discovered their own self-divinity, their own flame of consciousness, their metaphysical autonomy and God of their own existence. The false restrictions projected by the Demiurge dissolve as the first murder, the first blasphemy is committed. That which is against is that which is liberated from. In an internal context, Cain has killed Abel, Cain has killed himself before he has died and shall not die when he dies. Cain continues to live long after the death of the clay, living on as pure flame. Cain is the first savior of man in that Cain redeems himself, an example for mankind to follow. Before him there was Lilith whom declared herself equal to Adam, again it is Fire that is contrasted with Clay. Lilith in her blasphemy is exiled, that which is against is liberated from, the primordial and autonomous Mother, her monstrous terror is her illuminating fierceness, lest not frightening words be to mislead. that which is condemned as evil is that which is truly aware and liberated. As Lucifer was struck down for pride, his refusal to bow before man, his refusal of Fire to bow before Clay, forever called wicked by the Christian masses is that which is autonomous and noble. Heretics, satanists, witches are those who follow in this lineage. What is condemned as diabolical is that which is of Fire, and that which is pious is of Clay, such is the inversion of values.

With Abrahamic religion came monumental change. The assertive values once honored were inverted. Those whom ruled, the conquerors and heroic, the ones whom expressed their might to fulfill aspiration were then made to be villains and monsters. The pacifistic values of Christ and Jehovah replaced the willful heroics of conquerors. The downtrodden are praised, and the powerful are abhorred. The expenditure of power or energy is preached against in preference to temperance and meekness. The mighty is considered morally bad, and the submissive is the morally good. The differentiation found in nature is replaced with the idea of universal humanity. Inherent inequalities are neglected in preference for universal salvation. The imminent is denied in preference for the otherworldly the better world to come after death. Man is born vile and must seek external salvation, a birth into metaphysical debt, indentured to a higher master, a guilty conscience that keeps one lesser. Such is the development of humanity from the Old Ways into the New.

Modernity reduced the intangible to the tangle. The abstract is disregarded. Only the tangible has value, and its value is derived solely from its functional or symbolic use. Man is given false liberty in return for production and consumption of goods. The inside is emptied, and man scrambles for the external and manufactured to replace it. The sacred Christianity of yesterday is replaced with the secular Humanism of today. The same values which praise the meek and inferior while demonizing the autonomous and aggressive carries on except sanitized of any religious meanings or content. It is the most impoverished exoteric form of Christianity entirely emptied of soulful content. The idea of universal humanity and universal salvation continues on in the guise of secular humanitarianism, a previous silver reduced to cheap copper. Universal salvation is now the myth of progress. The tragic is neglected not for the sake of a heavenly afterlife, but for the sake of a utopian tomorrow. Existence is not affirmed, it is denied, and faith is placed in progress to overcome the tragic. Sin is secularized as the once religious discourse becomes secular, creating its own ‘thou shalt nots’. Inequalities, privileges, aggression are secular sins and are chastised as a moral bad. Sensitivity, docility, and the saccharine are praised values and morally good. The obedient Christian of past centuries has become sanitized into the obedient secular humanist. The defanged and declawed continues. only different in form and context. Universal peace and unification is the highest good, a complete neglect of differentiation and multipolarity. It praises diversity only in name, in appearance, never in content, for one cannot have diversity without ongoing conflict. The Christianity of the past had an end goal, an actualization and fulfillment. The secular reincarnation is without objective, without end, and exhausts itself from frenzy.

Man does not see what is ahead. If there are Gods, it assumes the Gods must favor him. Never once does man recognize his insignificance in the universe. It believes itself exceptional merely based on sentience. It believes itself special regarding the species that coexist on the same planet. Man is a wolf to one another, and is even worse to fellow non-human species. Indeed from another species perspective humanity is a race of brutal demons, consuming without limit and destroying without wisdom. If man recognized his insignificance, it would drive him mad. The pure indifference would be as the Old Ones themselves have devoured the mind. It is better than man indulge in delusions and supposed truths than have none and decline into rending madness.

For I have been here from the beginning. I have watched truths be born and truths die. I have watched the good become bad and the bad become good, for morality is a fluctuation contingent on context and passions. I’ve witnessed the most divine intimacy between men and have watched them disembowel one another for even less. I am the Absolute embodied, the Nothingness that has always been and always will be, complete Absence, and yet I Speak. Without will or choice, yet I Function, such is what is not.