originally written in 2012 

“I imagine that the goddess of Love has come down from Olympus to visit a mortal. So as not to die of cold in this modern world of ours, she wraps her sublime body in great heavy furs and warms her feet on the prostrate body of her lover. I imagine the favorite of this beautiful despot, who is whipped when his mistress grows tired of kissing him, and whose love only grows more intense the more he is trampled underfoot. I shall call the picture “Venus in Furs” 
Leopold von Sacher-Masoch

“When power becomes gracious and descends into the visible – such descent I call beauty. And there is nobody from whom I want beauty as much as from you who are powerful: let your kindness be your final self-conquest.”

The Isolate Being, the one who is a Force-unto-themselves, the one who enjoys an Autonomous existence, one who has utilized and appreciated the savage aspects of Nature, within this fierce embodiment there is Love. It is a grave mistake and too common error to comprehend Isolate and Autonomous existence as being counter to love or excluding love. Quite the contrary, love is one of the most vital and powerful forces an Isolate Being can utilize. Throughout civilizations love has been described, from the most sensual to the most Platonic. It has caused wars, murders, suicides, and worse. Never underestimate one who is truly in love, for they will go to the ends to pursue or please the one they love. There are few greater forces in existence than Eros. It is intertwined within our very Being, it is the life drive, in contrast to the death drive. It is the Eros in the Thanateros. Eros is the blazing instinct within that creates, desires, nurtures, and most of all, loves.

The Isolate Being understands Eros in a far deeper and passionate manner than that propagated by the common masses. In our current era, the popular concept of love is disposable and superficial. Recklessness and selfishness is the norm. There are few that still revere Eros as sacred, and ascesis has became a foreign word. This is a negative symptom of the dissolution of society. The Isolate Being understands Eros in the Satanic sense. That is, in the passionate and reverent sense. Eros is appreciated as the raw and feral force that it is. This incredibly primal force of Eros is harnessed respectively by the Autonomous One to further liberate and substantiate one’s Will and Being. It is a vital force onto takes into ones Being, drinking and delighting in the ecstasy of such a force. The Erotic, both its power of aesthetics as well as raw sensual power, is brought into ones Being, into ones Psyche, and is made a highly precious resource.

The Isolate Being loves most dearly his or her intimate partner. Ideally the partners recognize one another’s deific nature, and treats one another accordingly. The man is to treat the wife as a Goddess, and the woman is to treat the man as a God. The same principle applies to those of same-sex relations, or polyamorous relations. This is how Eros is revered and cultivated. One cannot expect this  from the most base or petty. One can only expect this to be achieved by those of an aristocratic temperament. There is a standard and personal honor to be upheld. One does not seek to adhere to any higher divine and religious authority nor State authority, one only adheres to their own sense of self-divine and personal honor, as well as being considerate to the one they love.  If marriage is agreed upon, then this commitment is held as sacred, for to disrespect this commitment is to disgrace oneself as well as fall short of the Eros ideal.

The popular humanist view of loving everyone is both foolish and disempowering. It is a common trait within egalitarianism which seeks to equalize and dissolve value as well as potency. The Autonomous One, upon their own discretion, decides whom they love and are devoted to. An individual has a hierarchy of priorities, of values, and so such a hierarchy of those whom they love dearly and are devoted to. This is invaluable and must be acknowledged within ones existence. It enables a proper circulation of emotion as well as a crystallized expression of Will.

Extending care to humanity, to animals, and to nature also fall within the subject of Satanic love. Upon the Autonomous Being’s discretion, one may or may not extend their care to humanity as a whole. If one does decide to extend this care, it is not in the popular slave morality fashion. It is in an aristocratic fashion. The Autonomous Being extends care while maintaining ones integrity and isolation. One conserves oneself, while also acknowledging humanity. The Autonomous One acknowledges their position within the given structure, respecting their superiors, respecting their colleagues, as well as respecting their inferiors. The Autonomous One extends care to humanity as an aristocratic leader extends help to their people, with due diligence and compassion, while maintaining and conserving ones superior position. The Autonomous One, if recognizing and acknowledging a superior within a given structure, which has authority within the given structure, gives proper respect to this superior. The Autonomous one who extends care to humanity, and desires for a better tomorrow, will push themselves to the fullest of self-actualization, and using their intellect, skills, and talents will create and produce. The Autonomous One may seek to push themselves to the fullest of their potential by attending medical school, self-actualizing through this means, and then use their intellect and skill to help humanity. One may seek to push themselves to the fullest of their potential by pursuing a career in academics, self-actualizing themselves through this means, and teach others. Both self-actualization and helping humanity is being expressed in such an existence.

Animals and Nature are of great importance to one who is Satanic. Both the animal kingdom and nature overall are wise teachers. It is unfortunate present day civilization ceases to listen to the wisdom within it, and has instead turned from revering nature to exploiting nature in every possible destructive manner. The exploitation of nature may indeed lead to the extinction of our very species. The Satanic both reveres and learns from Nature. The Satanic realizes we are within Nature, and to exploit and destroy our environment and resources is counter-intuitive in every way. Careful not to fall to a naturalistic fallacy, the Satanic acknowledges and allows the freedom of human nature, while being harnessed and expressed by the Intellect and Will. Neither falling to a naturalistic fallacy, nor denying completely what is natural. As a species, we are primates, we are within Nature, and within this Kingdom with other species that deserve our respect and even more so are a source of wisdom. This acknowledgement of the wisdom of Nature and animals is found plenty within Shamanistic and Afro-Caribbean practices. The aristocratic appreciate and extend care to animals and Nature. Animalia, as well as other phylums, are powerful in their adaptations to their environment and in the efficiency of their behavior. How far an extent an Autonomous One extends their care and reverence to Nature and animals is of their own discretion.

Satanic Love is an aristocratic form of love. It is an expression of the primal force that is Eros, towards ones intimate spouse. It is an expression of excellence and character in revering commitment. Satanic Love, extended to humanity, recognizes and acknowledges a hierarchy, if one finds the hierarchy just. Respecting those superior, those who are colleagues, and those who are inferior. Satanic Love, extended to humanity, practices a form of ascesis by pursuing self-actualization through a particular means, to push oneself to the fullest potential, then utilizing what is gained to help others. Satanic Love also reveres and respects Nature, and the phylums within Nature. Both seeing it as a form of great inspiration, as survival resources, and as a teacher of wisdom.