“Have you heard the Good News? The Gospels of Repulsion, the oldest Truth, the Truth that grants Salvation, the Truth that liberates the Soul from the clenches of Hope. The Church of Despair and Reality opens its doors to you!

Daily we hear the false messages spoken by the Prince of Lies, the False Messiah of Universal Unity, and yet we see only suffering as a result. We ignore diversity for the sake of unity, and as a result we see murder. We crusade for a One World, and are blind to the bleeding it causes. It is said all religions are the same, lead to the same place, and I am hear to say do not believe the lies of the Peace Makers. Conflict and strife is the natural order, the ebb and flow, the savage dialectic without goal…seek not the Stasis the Peace Makers pander, for you too will be consumed in the abysmal tides.

On every street corner there is Hope being sold, salvation for sell, for cheap or for wholesale, get your fix and shoot up proper. Eyes in the sky for a better tomorrow, the swimming falsities granted by the religious and the secular devout. Hope in Man, Hope in Government, Hope in God, fill the syringe and give it a go. This is the hymns of our society, the neither here nor the otherworldly. The vapid floating in between which denies the now for the tomorrow while singing in the moment all the louder. Seek not the company of this chorus of addicts, seek not the Truth in the ever after or the should be or the peaceful kingdom to come.

Seek not for there is naught to be found!
Seek not Self for there is no Self to be found!
Seek not Peace for there is no Peace to be found!

I speak in the Name of Strife, of Conflict, of Struggle, of War, of that which is and only ever shall be! Affirmed diversity is henceforth realized as the Tribalism that it is. The International Realm is heterogeneous, it is poly-centric, and conflict is the blood running through its regional divides. Civilizations rise and fall, flourish today and utter decay tomorrow, the cycle continues until we reach our inevitable extinction. Believe not the Lies of Progress, this is no stairway to Heaven, this a merry-go-around of samsara and carnality. Laugh alongside the Laughter of Madness, for this is the Prayer of the No-Tomorrow, this is Liberation from the Demon known as Hope.

Spreading through humanity is the Plague of Pacifism, rejoice in Meekness and Non-Violence, I am here to say cast out such impurity. If one feels the Natural Boiling of Hatred then let it erupt forth, if one feels the Natural Boiling of Violence then lash out at the Enemy, if one feels Natural Prejudice then Speak it. It is only when the harshness of the Natural is understood as Natural will Harmony flow without effort. They say love thy neighbor, but what you feel is teeming Hate and Disapproval of thy neighbor. Speak honestly and express Intolerance, detest the snot drown offspring and obnoxious do-goods, Love thy Neighbor with Arsenic and Cyanide!

Accept the Gospel of Repulsion into your Black Heart and be a Witness unto the Deluded, become a Preacher of Hatred, rebuke the Weak and praise the Strong, spread the Word of Callicles, spread the Word of Glaucon, go forth and Let the Message be Heard!”