Black lives matter. All lives matter
No lives matter.

If one needed more evidence of the excessive self-importance of our time then look no further than the squabble between ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘All Lives Matter’.

At one point identity politics played a positive role in society, or at least I would like to think so. From women’s sufferage, gay rights, civil rights regarding race, unfortunately it has declined into petty tribalism. The identity politics of yesterday is now the cultural cannibalism of today. No doubt prejudices still exist. No doubt there are fringe minorities that deserve fair treatment which they currently do not have. Such are democratic values, hate it or love it. There does come a point when legitimate identity politics turns on one another, fragments into children, each one filled with want, and would burn the place down if that is what it took to get their way. The Id runs rampant in the worst possible manner, a moblike manner. Identity politics becomes a race to the bottom. If we are each standing in shit, each will squabble over who is standing in more shit and how much worse smelling their shit is. If you disagree or do not show immediate concern then they attempt to shame you. You must not only agree that they are standing in deeper and smellier shit, you must care about their situation above all else. Deny oneself and cater solely to their needs. If you do not then you are shamed, labeled vile and immoral. This is ressentiment at its finest.

Each identity screams for attention and demands justice. Each identity believes its suffering is the sole suffering. Each identity demands that others care about their situation. And since the universe revolves around each identity, each identity rarely acknowledges the next identity. Indeed, it is a competition. It is a race to the bottom, whom has it the worst, who is the true victim, and a secular martyrdom is granted to the truest victim.

Returning to my original point; black lives matter, all lives matter, no lives matter. No, your life does not matter. If there are friends and family whom love you, that is wonderful. If there is a supposed higher God that loves you, also wonderful. If there is a community that loves you, that is great. This is nice. This is healthy.

But never forget, no one is obligated to give a flying fuck about you. A constitution or religious teaching gives us basis for caring about an individual human life. It would be a Hobbesian wasteland without these pragmatic constructs that maintain civility. That being said, the universe or Nature does not give a shit about you. No you are not unique or special. Be it minority, majority, religion or no religion, male or female or other, there is absolutely nothing that makes your existence objectively valuable. I write this not to be pessimistic or cruel. I write this because we apparently forget this on a daily basis. In identity politics or other outlets, there is an absolute certainty that others should give a shit about you. There is an absolute certainty others should care about your suffering and misfortune. If others do care, individually or collectively, that is wonderful. Never forget though that there is nothing, zilch, nada which obligates them to care. It is out of generosity or compassion that they even give you a single thought. We act as if we deserve this simply for being human and simply for being of a ‘unique identity’. The idea of God embiding each of us with a special soul, loving each of us, and instilling in us valuable life..these ideas have their uses, but as for man and dynamics here in the mundane, here in the tangible world, there is always a constant underlying indifference. No belief of God or a soul will change that.

No lives matter, it is only through self and others does a life matter. There is nothing which guarantees you will achieve happiness, satisfaction, nor just recognition. Happiness is not guaranteed. Fulfillment is not guaranteed. A happy ending is not guaranteed. No matter what childlike faith in progress one may have, none of these things are guaranteed. It has become a cliche statement that ‘society does not owe you anything’. As with cliche statements it has lost meaning. It should be rephrased to state that ‘society does not owe you validation’. Indeed, society is concerned with its own self-interest. It is not concerned with your feelings nor well-being. It is indifferent to your very existence. It is not obligated to give a damn.

If you cannot find value in oneself, if you cannot find value in your own existence, as such and in itself, if you require external validation, then you are certainly doomed to futility from the start.

Black lives matter. All lives matter. It is a competition of self-importance and excessive self-indulgence. Filled with a sense of futility, anguish, insignifigance, the individual shouts at the abstract ‘out there’ that his life matters. That the lives of those like him also matters. The individual demands recognition, demands justice, demands respect. In response is harrowing silence, and so the individual continues his tantrum and fury and frustration.