‘What we are seeing tonight is that the hyper-spamming of the media in their bullshit moral crusade, months of spamming how evil he is, how this will be a wash…was just that, spam.

The POTUS shilling for her as hard as he can. Doing everything in the world to convince the public that the establishment knows best, being absolutely full of themselves in their prediction.

We see tonight, no matter who wins, the people aren’t buying the bullshit. No matter how much the media and social media tries to say otherwise, it isn’t working.

They aren’t coaxed, they aren’t gaslighted.

And I hope the left learns, you kick the working class in the ribs long enough and call them deplorable…they eventually get angry and give a major ‘fuck you’ and fuck your condescending Jay Z Hollywood PC culture bullshit.’

This is what has occurred on election night of 2016, where after being told for months that Trump was severely behind in polls and had little chance of winning, he now outperforms beyond even what his own supporters expected.

For months the people have been gaslighted into thinking the masses were against this disruptor, this individual that does not conform to the status quo and establishment. Celebrities, polls, and articles have spammed our newsfeed for months, all for the sole intention of convincing us of the evil of supporting these populus notions. All for the sole intention of convincing the public that ‘the establishment knows best’. If one went by media and social media alone, one would have thought the election was already over, that the powers that be have already won. It is a wash, and you are an outsider if you feel otherwise. The people have shown that they cannot be so easily bought; not with gimmicky music videos, not with campy celebrity performances, not with air headed comedians, not with bleeding heart messages, and not with the shallow appeal of being the first woman.

For the past months to years, the regressive left has spammed discourse that demonizes the white working class, that demonizes any who dare go against the puritanical regressive liberal discourse, that eventual true color was shown when she uttered the word ‘deplorable’. That is how they have felt about the working class, the general public, those who do not conform. Eventually a people getting kicked in the ribs gets sick of it, says enough is enough, I will not allow you to demonize me any longer. The condescension and mocking that the liberals tout on a daily basis, in comedy and social media, that is exactly why Trump has risen to this point.

For months we have read the wikileaks which have revealed the absolutely corrupt and reckless inner working of the so called ‘elites’. We have read the speeches of which one goes to bed with big banks and big businesses, all the while pretending to care about the people. A person who declares that she has a private position and a public position. The people see the elite get away with corruption and crime, go unpunished, and then they are gaslighted into thinking they are ‘too cynical, too irrational, too paranoid’. The apathy is like a disease of which many shrugged at the corruption and smugly declare ‘oh its nothing really’. When the people overseas die for a purpose, and the elites respond with a shrug. When corruption and crime is committed, and they are let off without a single punishment, and then the general everyday man is told hes delusional for wanting justice to be served, for the powerful to be held accountable for their actions.

People are sick of the Republican Neocons that favor big money and interventionism, rather than actually care about the people and put the people first. People are sick of the liberal left that, rather than listen to the voices of the downtrodden and working class, they superficially pander to minorities and further corporate interest under the facade of saccharine ‘social progressivism’ that cares more about agenda than the everyday man.

The people are sick of all this, sick of being demonized by the regressive left, and sick of the GOP establishment for neglecting them entirely, and thus they vote for the one disruptor. Not a perfect medium, not a perfect representation, but a representation of populism that is utterly sick of the establishment in all its smugness, that is sick of its defenders who condescendingly speak down in glorified self-righteousness. That is sick of sacrificing national identity on the altar of globalism and pseudo-humanitarianism. A theme that is expressed not only in the US, but echoes across Europe as the EU crumbles and European nations reclaim their sovereign individual identities.

A battle won is not a war won. The status quo, the establishment, have taken a major blow this election. The voice of the people, wikileaks revealing the scum behind the scenes, a backlash against the arrogance of the media, it is a major blow but it is only one blow. The Overton Window has shifted. There is plenty more to come. It could lead to change, or the same as we have had for decades, or an insightful conflicting in-between. It is a comfort for me personally, after months of heated debate, after losing supposed friends, that I remained true to my authentic self and positions, win or lose. It is satisfying to see this passionate pursuit completed. It is only speculation what direction things will go now. It feels as if an intense narrative has come to an end, and a new one begins.