There are those on the liberal left that are now writing articles admitting their errors, admitting they were wrong all along, and hope to learn from this. And there are others still, doomed to repeat the same mistakes which cost them this election, railing in fury against the supposed ‘racism and sexism’ which ‘stole’ this election from.

Half of the nation is mourning, crying, triggered, and the other half is laughing at them in glee.

These are the two lessons the liberal left absolutely must learned from this election. Personally I have been a Trump supporter from the start, albeit with plenty of doubts about him winning. I do not write this in accusation nor anger nor spite. I write this because I am seeing a bulk of the nation have a panic attack, go deeper into denial, and it is simply embarassing and sad to see. An American who cares wants both parties to be at their best, for both parties to be for the people they represent, for both parties to be healthy, despite the ideological differences at the end of the day.

Lesson #1: The liberal left, or regressive left as it has been dubbed, simply cannot persist with its absolute obsession with fragmenting identity politics. I have stated this before, and I will state it again, identity politics is fair game for every demographic. Identity politics advocates that each group of like-minded and similar (ethnically, religious, racial, sexual, gender, and so forth) fight to maintain what influence and power it has, as well as aspire to more influence. This is not incorrect nor morally wrong. This is to be expected. This is quite natural, and for an identity group to want to concede power or influence would be a strange thing indeed. This election cycle they played identity politics to the tee, and they have been bested at it for something they did not see at all. White identity is a factor. This is not racism anymore than black identity is racism. Again, this is simply a said group of like individuals fighting out of self-interest.

Identity politics is double-edged sword. Do not use it and not expect others to use it as well. Furthermore, and most importantly, in the past few years the regressive left has built a rhetoric that is based on shaming and demonizing. You cannot simply call other groups who disagree with you ‘racists’ or ‘privileged’, mock their hardships simply because they are white or male or Christian, dismiss them as if their life is a cakewalk, and demonize them as the root of every vile problem in this nation, and not expect that group to retaliate. It is a bear and the regressive left has poked it until it has awoken.

The ‘smug liberal’ cliche has only increased in popularity, from comedians to news articles to music celebrities. Those who mock the working class as being ignorant, stupid, backwards, redneck, blue collar hicks simply because they disagree with your political positions or ideology. They mock these people because they do not adopt the latest feminist trend or academic terminology. They mock these people because they did not attend college, do not completely buy into ‘privilege theory’, and don’t watch Bill Maher or John Oliver as if they are harbingers of pure reason.

In response you invoke the most asinine academic terminology cooked up on college campuses, from trigger warnings to microaggressions to safe space to new pronouns, and respond viciously to anyone who dare question this trend. And yet you wonder, here with an election lost, with Trump who appealed to the resentment, you wonder ‘how could we have lost?’

You need only look in the mirror.

The liberal left no longer represents the working class nor class politics. It represents smugness, sarcasm, false superiority, and looking down on those different in ideology or who disagree. The liberal left no longer represents free thought, healthy discourse, and a plurality of ideological differences. It has abandoned this and has become what it originally hated, the stuck-up bourgeois.

That should frighten you. Not send you spiraling once again into denial, screaming ‘RACIST! SEXIST!’ at everyone, everything, and even their shadows.

No doubt racism and sexism exists, as it always has, but in your puritanical zealotry you have done nothing but fuel it with gasoline by being such self-righteous pricks about it all.

Learn this well; if you continue with this regressive left rhetoric and smugness, it will only get far worse from here. This is cause and effect, plain and simple.

The nation is sick of this, fix it.

Lesson #2: It was revealed through wikileaks that the DNC is corrupt beyond what we ever thought it was. It skewered Bernie Sanders, it showed Clinton was completely in-bed with big money, and it showed they have played you like a fiddle.

What did you do in response? You shrugged. You laughed at the people who said this was a big deal. Many told Sanders supporters to suck it up, fold and support Clinton. The one candidate with a virgin clean reconrd in this whole race was thrown to the trashbin in favor of a candidate with a corrupt history longer than some of us have even been alive!

Where is your hatred and anger for the DNC for playing you all like fools? It’s Chairmen revealed to be corrupt as well. The primary element of this election was the working class, the sole ‘bread and butter’ of Bernie Sanders, and the Democrats chose the establishment supported Clinton instead.

Clinton is a masterful politician and highly intelligent. She pandered to the identity politics, to each minority, like a puppeteer pulling strings. She failed to capture the working class because it is identity politics that the progressives have been obsessed with for years.

Identity politics, another word for fragmentation.

I have stated this before also, go away from identity politics and return to class politics. That is the root of leftism. That is the heart of leftism. This election was populus driven, and instead identity politics was played, and thus the election was lost.

Whatever happened to class solidarity? Is that done for? A relic from the past as you string together a thousand identity factions and shout ‘INTERSECTIONALITY!’ ? This feeds directly into the first lesson. Identity politics forms together ‘we the righteous’ and points its finger at others declaring them’they the deplorable!’

You have achieved slave morality without even intentionally trying, a reactive morality, and it has cost you.

I beg you to get rid of the corrupt elitist neoliberals which infest your party and play you so easily. Return to populism, to a party of the people, and be done with this commercial commodification of ‘progressivism’ which is little more than a facade for corporate neoliberal interest.

Be done with this puritanical zealotry that has divided the nation into ‘we the righteous’ and ‘you the deplorable’.

Conclusion: I am certainly not the only one saying these things. The mainstream media has suddently had an epiphany and realized their errors all too late. The writing has been on the bathroom wall for years now, but many were too pompous to read it.

Maybe changes will come, or maybe people will bury their head in the sand (or their safe space echo chamber), as they scream “RACIST! SEXIST! EVIL WHITE PEOPLE!” and learn absolutely nothing from this whole election.

The right will be fine with this of course. It only makes the regressive left look like childish fools. And it only makes it that much easier for the right.