Those pressing to get rid of the electoral college only further confirm their self-centered delusions.

Their wet dream is for urbanite spots like Silicon Valley or New York to be the *only* ones with the power to pick the President. The rest of the nation be damned.

This isn’t something they overlook, this is something they actively desire. Only showing how little wisdom they have about these things.

When your chosen candidate loses, it sucks. It does. It makes sense to be angry, bitter, curse, get hammered, be resentful, but then life goes on. Your ‘side’ learns from the mistakes, regroups, and comes back in four years to run against the opponent. In the meantime one works with whoever won or attempt to block whatever is disagreed upon. That is how this system works. It isn’t perfect. Being angry and bitter at first is fine. Go get drunk, curse the whole damn nation, and get back to it.

Since Trump has won the recent election we have seen unprecedented and bizarre behaviors. The liberal left, or more accurately the regressive left, have held grief meetups, swamped the suicide hotline, have held ‘cry ins’ and candlelight vigils as if someone has died. The protests we have seen before. While it is indeed tantrum throwing and solves nothing, protests and riots are nothing new to us. Whether it be political reasons or professional sports. What is bizarre is the former, the over-the-top histrionics that is equivalent to watching a people curl up into fetal position and cry themselves silly.

Many people laugh at these histrionics. It only shows how emotionally fragile and immature the regressive left has become. It only proves the point that perhaps these people are not the wisest regarding national interests, and perhaps Trump winning was a very good thing. Concerningly so, it shows how strangely neurotic the regressive left and millennials (not all of them are, but many are) truly are. Not all liberals of course. Not all leftists of course. Many are indeed embarrassed by their peers childish and ‘safe space’ seeking behavior.

While the above is confirmation of the self-centered and neurotic fragility of the regressive left, there is a bigger topic to arise from all this frantic noise.

As of currently, Clinton is ahead in the popular vote by a few hundred thousand. Trump did indeed win the electoral heavy states by small percentages. Neither of which is new to us. This has happened before. The most recent being Al Gore in the 2000 election. With the popular vote currently being in favor of Clinton, with votes still being counted, the regressive left and not so regressive ones have seized the opportunity to preach the dismantling of the electoral college. Aside from it reeking of being a spoil sport, what does this preaching of this idea tell us about the nation?

The history of the electoral college is no small or brief thing. It is a fascinating history, though I find no reason to recapitulate it here. In essence one of its primary purposes is to assure that the President is ‘everyone’s president’, in other words, every state is properly represented. The urban as well as the rural, the big cities as well as the small towns. We live in a vastly diverse nation. It differs greatly from region to region, demographic to demographic. We have already experienced one civil war, and it is only obvious sense that we do not incite or push for another.

With Clinton higher in the popular vote, the first thing that goes through the regressive left’s mind is: well since the majority raw number wanted X, we should have it. This does not take into mind equal representation across regions and peoples. It is true that there is a higher population present in large cities. It seems all too easy to say ‘well the majority should rule’, but it is ironic that the left, the oh so self-chosen ‘messiah’ of the minority preach for a system which would do just that…disenfranchise the lesser number.

The electoral vote is a check which assures that the chunks which hold a higher population do not overrun those areas which hold lesser populations, lest a division between the two is deepened which would cause severe resentment, a resentment of unfairness that could incite worse than mere bad feelings. This check makes sure one region or area does not tower over the others in domination, simply due to crass number. Our system is a system of checks and balances, however imperfect it may be, and removing one is much like a jenga tower…it is not wise to remove an essential block.

While there are a plethora of different voting systems out there and it should not be forbidden to discuss these alternatives, what does it say when a political party immediately jumps to this talk when an election does not go the way they expected it to go? It shows us this; the regressive left will stop at nothing to assure that they get their way, that the urbanite get the final say in who gets office, and that the rest of the nation are insignificant and their voice does not matter.

In short, the rest of the nation should simply shut up and let the major cities decide who should be president. This is the driving impetus behind this supposed ‘enlightened’ discussion about dismantling the electoral college. It is again the typical condescension and liberal smugness of which has already been smited once.

Fortunately, for the time being, they do not have the power to bring this to the table for serious consideration. And it would behoove us to consider their behavior this election season, from the flood of suicide hotline calls and other histrionics, to denouncing the electoral college conveniently after not getting their way. What does this tell us about their maturity and what does this tell us about the respect (or lack thereof) toward the rest of the nation? This is not something to sneeze at. This is a serious ailment that seems to only increase in severity as time passes.